Cellstory plus program


CELLSTORY PLUS Meso-Care is a professional – only safe and hygienic eight-step skin regeneration program that utilizes innovative Microspear®, which can be described as liquid microneedles, to awaken the skin’s energy. Fifty thousand Microspear® microneedles are delivered deep into the skin, eliminating dead skin cells naturally to restore glossiness and vitality. CELLSTORY PLUS Meso-Care helps to improve wrinkles, texture, and elasticity, as well as brightens the skin, equalizes skin tone, and enhances the skin’s barrier. The system features a 20 amino acid complex to provide energy and nourishment, and is made without harmful preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial fragrance. BECOME OUR PARTNER  to purchase and learn more about having CELLSTORY as part of your treatment offerings

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