Sára Olivová

Sara Olivova

CEO - Beyond Miracles

A letter from Sara Olivova, Founder & CEO, Beyond Miracles:

There is absolutely nothing else like Beyond Miracles in the marketplace – and that’s a fact not an opinion.

Having battled with persistent acne and severe skin issues for most of my life, I experienced the profound influence of skin health on one’s overall well-being. Through extensive travels, I met with the finest aestheticians and tested skincare products worldwide. It wasn’t until a pivotal facial experience in Prague that my skin transformed remarkably. I was awe-struck by the results. I grew inspired to make these products accessible in North America, and in early 2023, Beyond Miracles was born.



Today, as the driving force behind the brand, I continue to embody my philosophy of helping others feel great in their skin. Through my steadfast leadership and unbreakable spirit, I ensure that this transformative technology reaches individuals far and wide, allowing them to experience the profound benefits she discovered during her extraordinary journey.


Alongside my position, I  hold a bachelor’s degree in Science, certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Metabolic Balance. My passion for guiding others on their paths to self-confidence is a testament to my conviction that skin beyond belief is possible for everyone.

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