Developed over many years, Cellstory and Miracletox use temporary Microspears to supercharge ingredient absorption and overall skin rejuvenation. Naturally-derived and highly-purified, Microspear® is coated with potent growth factors, plant stem cells, amino acids, and botanical calming extracts, they quickly improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture.

  • 20x finer than a microneedling stamp.
  • Single-use Microspear® ampoules. No bleeding, no downtime.
  • Clinically proven to:
    ○ Minimize the appearance of wrinkles, specifically on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes
    ○ Soften the skin’s appearance
    ○ Brighten the skin
    ○ Enhance the skin’s barrier
    ○ Deliver bouncy, healthy, and glowing skin
    ○ Unclog pores for a healthier, clearer appearance
  • Suitable for all skin types 

Safe and non-irritating. You can feel Microspear but this signature tingle is safe for all skin tones and types, including sensitive skin. After 72 hours, skin naturally exfoliates the Microspear as it quickly regenerates skin cells.

How Microspear® Works

Microspear® delivers the active ingredients of cosmetics directly or indirectly and works at the basal layer for up to 72 hours to promote skin softening and overall skin rejuvenation.

As the skin rejuvenates it reduces the appearance of fine lines, and creates more even-looking skin.

Ready to go Beyond?

Choose from :

  •  Miracletox Perfection Line Intended for at home use Perfection Line improves the appearance of fine lines and texture and brightens skin appearance. 

* Include ampoules sets with Microspear as well as a suite of synergistic skincare.

Visit a professional in our network: 

  • Cellstory Professional Program contains 5x more Microspear than at-home products and are tailored for optimum results after four weekly facials followed by Cellstory facial every 4-6 weeks, based on clients needs.
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